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Surgery Story - Cameron Mark Rondi


My surgery over the past few days:- 

Sunday 15th March:-

Arrived at the hospital at 16h30 to get ready for my big operation, They took all my blood samples from me and I cried my heart out, it was really sore, but my mom and dad were there to comfort me.  My Anesthetist Dr Lyons came past to explain everything to my mom and dad. 

We eventually got a bed for me at about 20h30 that night.  The ward was very busy and very noisy and there was just too much excitement, so I only went to sleep at 23h30 after playing in the corridor all night.

The nurses kept coming in and taking my temperature and blood pressure, so was eventually awake again at 04h30 on Monday Morning and had nothing better to do than play with the cleaners broom in the passage till 06h30. 

Monday 16th March:-

At 07h00 Dr Marus and Dr Kelly came to say hello and to make sure there was a bed booked for me in ICU for after my operation and to check that my donated blood had arrived.

The nurses took my final blood pressure and temperature and then the Nurse arrived to take me down to Theatre.

I met with Dr Kelly, Dr Marus, Dr Christofides, Dr Lyons and his assistant Anesthetist and all was set to go. 

My surgery started at about 08h30.  Dr Des Lyons kept sms's mom and dad:

"Lines are in, about to start surgery , all well so far"

"Skull is off, all well so far, bleeding has not been excessive"

"Closing up, all gone to plan, hopefully we will not have to put him on the ventilator post op" 

I came out of surgery 5 hours later and all had gone so well, I went straight into ICU and my mom and dad could come in to see me.  I was very sore and was crying, but they gave me a lot of medicine to help me through, I was then sedated to make it easier for me.  I had a good night on Monday cause they gave me lots of medicine in my drip. 

Tuesday 17th March:-

When I woke up I was very very sore and the nurse had to strap my one hand to the bed cause all I wanted to do was pull all my tubes out and my monitors off.  I had a very very high temperature and was very upset and crying, the nurse gave me pain medication and I was sedated to help me.  I was also vomiting my pain medication up. 

Wednesday 18th March:- 

My head is looking good, my nurse from ICU called Dad to tell him to please bring me a bottle cause I was fussy and wanted my own bottie, when mom and dad arrived at ICU, I was feeling 100% better and needed toys to keep me busy cause I was getting clever with my one hand and peeling off my monitors.  Dad went and bought me a noisy dinosaur.  I had loads of visitors and was entertaining all of the ICU staff. 

The doctor said I can go to Highcare, when I got to highcare, I was making such a noise and was so happy not to be strapped to the bed anymore so I just kept jumping around and shaking my cot and making a huge racket.  Aunty Diane the head sister suggested I get moved to a general ward cause I was too well for Highcare and then my mom could sleep with me. 

We were moved to the general ward and I was so happy playing with all of my machines and found great joy and entertainment from my drain, that drains the blood from my head into a container. - My best toy ever.  I was so active that my monitor drove mommy and all the nurses crazy cause it was dinging all the time.

We had a bad night cause my little friend, Quein that had his operation straight after me was very sore and cried most of the night, let alone the nurses that kept coming to check on me and take my temperature and give me my pain meds. 

Thursday 19th March :- 

My daddy's birthday, was really happy to see my daddy and am feeling a lot better, a huge gorgeous polar bear arrived for me from The Cranio Facial Unit cause I am such a brave boy.  And my goggie spent most of the day with me.  Dr Kelly arrived to take my Drain out, I screamed the hospital down cause it was very sore.  Mommy slept with me at the hospital I was a little sore and kept tangling myself up in all of the drips and pipes.  I found a lot of joy at trying to pull my dressing off

- naughty hey, hahaha!!  My friend  Quien and I were having great fun jumping up and down in our cots and then Dr Kelly came to check on us and said we were just fine and that we needed one more antibiotic and then we could go home. 

Friday 20th March

My friend cried last night and is very swollen, but I am feeling much better, Aunty Diane came and took my IV out of my chest and redressed my sore so I can go home, I cried a lot but it is all over now and am going home  - yeah yeah yeah yeah 

I am now home and more than happy with life, have been laughing and playing all afternoon. 

Thank you everyone for all of the calls, sms's and wishes, I love you lots 

Love Cammie x x x


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