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Surgery Story - Chris-Lee


Chris-Lee – Our Miracle Child

In January 2007 after several tests and treatment – I was told that I will not be able to have children.  3 Months Later – I found out I was pregnant…..and there our Miracle Story started.

We called Chris-Lee our Miracle child from the day I found out I was pregnant. I was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy – and when I found out she was a little girl – she was named Chris-Lee (named after her daddy and late Great Grandad) 

She was born on 30 November 2008 and the same day we were told she might have been “squashed” a bit and this caused her head to be a funny shape.  6 Weeks passed and I felt uneasy about all the comments I received on her head – and it was then we consulted with a PEAD – who then ran the tests and confirmed she had Saggital Synostosis.  The worst news any first time mommy and daddy can get….as you only want this perfect life you planned for your little Miracle.  Our long and painful, yet grateful journey started on that day.  Trips to doctors, choices to be made, tears of fear, non stop prayers for a miracle to heal our child, feelings of anger…..and the list continues. 

We met with Dr Kelly in Feb08 where he made us feel a little more at ease for the first time since we found out about the operation.

Our little one was then scheduled for her operation on 8 May 2008.  What a wait – must have been the longest 3 months of our entire life. 

On 7 May 2008 we started packing her last things for the operation – when she started this terrible sneeze and overnight our princess got the worst bronchitis you could imagine.  We were devastated – as we just wanted the operation to be over and done with. She then ended up spending a week in hospital – but not for the operation, but the bronchitis.

The entire operation was canceled – and we had to wait 2 weeks for a new scheduled date. Chris was then scheduled to be operated on 2 June 2008. 

We booked in at the hospital on the Sunday and I stayed with my LO the entire evening.  I sat next to her bed – and prayed non stop.  I just cried and cried – and could not stop feeling like the worst mom in the world – for putting her through this.  A chain prayer went out – and I received SMS’s the entire night of the 1st of June as well as the entire day of the operation.  Till today I believe it was all these prayers that got us through this long day.

At 04h30 my husband, mom and sister in law came to the hospital – and came to wish Chris luck before she went into theater.  I clinged onto her until they came with this big white trolley bed and took her from me.  My husband took her and said he will walk down to the theater – where he stayed till they put her under aneastetic.  He is such a strong man – I would never have been able to hold her while they put all those pipes in.  He must have broken from inside – but stayed so strong.  Minutes later he joined me in the coffee area – where the doctor came out to break news to us that the blood was not correct – and they have to wait for the correct blood to be delivered to continue – but she was already under aneastetic. This was just too much to handle at that point – we felt so stressed out.  The blood arrived quickly and the operation started.  The 6h50 minutes was the longest 7 hours of our lives. We climbed every stair, counted every movement of the ticks on the clocks, counted the tiles in the waiting room – you name it – we tried it to get the time passed.  We just prayed and prayed – until that moment the doors opened and the doctors came out to advise us all went well.

We waited another 25 minutes before she came out recovery and we could see her.  She looked like a Angel on that bed….she was so brave – and her mommy and daddy was so proud of her.  A real fighter.  She was very weak and very pale – but all expected from the research we did.  She received 2 blood transfusions – but other than that had no complications.

My first words were: “My poppie so koppie is rond”…..and that was amazing….her head was round – and it was so obvious….

We spent every minute possibly allowed with her, and she recuperated so quickly.  Seeing her in so much pain and hearing those little cries – broke our hearts – but we were just thankful that the operation went well – and that she was going to be ok.

She was in ICU for 3 days and then moved to the High Care unit on day 3 and by day 5 she was in her Cot at home….as happy as can be.

The scars healed quickly and by her 2 week check up the doctor was very pleased with the results.

She had her 3 month check up in September – and to date the doctor is still very satisfied and only wants to see us in 6 months time.

We are so thankful for the doctors hands who were used by God to heal our little Miracle Chris-Lee. 

It was the longest year of our lives – but my husband and I are truelly grateful of all the things we’ve learnt from this experience and most of all – that Chris-Lee is healthy and the most beautiful little girl in the world. 

To all the parents who still need to travel this trying journey….best of luck –and you are in our prayers.

It is too much to handle for us as humans – hand it over to God – He will carry you through it. 

Kidz are so much stronger than we can ever imagine!!!!

Anzel Vermeulen

Before the operation


1 Hour post op

Day 2 post op


Day 3 post op

Going home - day 5


1 week post op

3 months post op





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Chris-Lee - Our Miracle Child
In January 2007 after several tests and treatment – I was told that I will not be able to have children. 


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